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    sl750 full of water

    Ok new guy here with some questions..

    The girlfriend and I picked up a 1993 SL750 from her neighbor for 300 bucks summer of 2012. Was informed it melted 1 piston and dealer fixed it. So before our first ride i decided to clean the carbs and make sure it was ready to go. Discovered the dealer did a half assed job fixing it up. All they did was put 1 new piston in, rejetted only the one carb and put a cooler spark plug in only the 1 cylinder.

    We took the machine that summer and rode it 2 times i believe. It ran ok but definitely not like it should...never left us stranded and never got towed back. Long story short parked it for the rest of summer....sat for the remainder of 2012 and we didn't even touch it all of 2013.

    Got bored this afternoon and compression tested it. Cylinder 1,2 are 60 psi and cylinder 3 was 80 psi. Cylinder 3 was the one replace and from what I was told cylinder 1 and 2 have never seen new pistons. All original...way over due for a top end rebuild. So i started pulling the top end apart and ran out of daylight pretty quick. Cylinders all look good but the case is completely full of water. Engine spins freely...hoping i can pull the engine apart, clean it up and oil everything, throw new top end in and call it a day.

    Question is where did all that water come from?? As far as I can remember I never hooked the hose up to this engine and ran it on the trailer. 300 bucks should get me going but if it needs new crank and the whole 9 yards then i doubt i will mess with it and just cut our losses.

    you guys think cleaning it up and a new top end will get the ol girl going again?

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    How long has the water been sitting in the engine?

    If the water has been in there more than a day or two (fresh water) I would highly doubt the crank is still good. Once rust begins in the crank bearings they won't last long at full power on the water at 6000+ RPM.

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    Well as far as I know, the water has been in there for over a year. Engine didn't look to bad inside. I think the lack of oxygen is what hopefully may have saved it everything. Going to pull the engine out this morning and inspect further. Ive got my eye on another crank just in case. Looks like I can pretty much completely rebuild this engine for about 500 bucks. Ebay is plastered with good used and new parts.

    I will see the damage here shortly.

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    Well so far it looks just fine. There wasn't hardly any water in there compared to what I was thinking. Cleaned everything up, bearings all feel smooth as butter. Soaked everything in wd40 while parts are on there way.

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    Ordered new spark plugs, new jetting, fuel pump rebuild and a new top end kit. Can't wait to test this thing out.

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