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    oil block off question

    New guy needs help with Oil block off question. Is there a video or instructions on how to block off the oil injector on my 1996 Seadoo GTI?

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    Download the shop manual, it will help you figure out how to remove the carb and the rotary valve cover. Yes, the rotary valve cover has to come off in order to remove the oil pump gear. If the rotary valve sticks to the cover instead of the block then you will need a degree wheel and you will have to learn how to properly time the rotary valve... You also have to leave the oil tank hooked up to the rotary valve shaft oil bath or the motor will die very quickly.

    Anyway... why in the world would you take off the oil injections system anyway? Seadoos have really good oil injection systems, not like a bunch of junk ass old outboards that you HAVE to premix. The pumps almost never fail, when they do it will only over-oil, it won't run your motor dry. Basically if the pump fails you will foul a set of spark plugs... Mostly just rookies take them off based on pre-conceived notions that they are making their skis more reliable when that are really making their skis a pain in the ass to fuel up...

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