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    2010 RTX-X 260 high voltage alarm

    Last weekend I had been riding for about an hour wave jumping, when I suddenly had the beep and lost power.
    Drop back to idle and all OK. But rev it and alarm came back. I thought to shut down the engine and try again, big mistake should have gone back to the jetty while it was still running because it would not start again.

    After getting a tow back to the boat ramp from my Yamaha friends, much to their pleasure my ski wouldn't start but the dash wouldn't turn off. I had to pull the main relay to shut it down.
    The next day it started fine but when I rev it a high voltage alarm comes up and the battery voltage has been up to 17.6 volts but at idle its normal.

    Would this just be a case of change the regulator and everything should be good or is it a sign of other problems.

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    sounds like Voltage reg took a dump. Just changed mine out last weekend.

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