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    Smile 2005-2007 Riva Waterbox w/ OPAS ?

    Hey Everyone,

    opening a specific thread to see if anyone has had experience with with the 05-07 riva pro water box and keeping opas. The water box for this year has a solid exhaust pipe which makes it difficult to drill the thru hull higher.

    I've seen the other threads on here without the solid pipe, so i'm not sure if anyones tried with the one link'd above. I've thought of cutting the pipe and using a silicone flex coupler but the angle would be hard to judge. Also, the motor is out of the ski so I won't be able to align the jpipe/exhaust manifold. I'm fairly set on keeping the opas, so if anyone has any ideas please let me know! Wondering if I should pick up a piranha pipe and hack it up, but that would be a waste.

    Hopefully you'll be able to help!


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    The only way would be to cut the pipe like you said and use a coupler and set it higher. Your other option is, gut your stock box and get a pipe bent at your local muffler shop to suit your location of choice.

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    I gutted my stock water box and just made a pipe. If you wanna use the riva box your gonna have to cut the pipe off and make a new one.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone, that's what I had figured. I'll mock everything up and post some pictures when I get it done. Hopefully just a cut with a silicone tube will do the job

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