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    gas tank venting problem?

    When removing the cap from the gas tank, it seems to be building air pressure. I'm assuming there's a vent tube plugged somewhere. 97 slt 780 premix.

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    The factory venting system uses a pressure release check valve that can hold around 2PSI before venting.

    Mild positive air pressure inside the fuel tank (1-2 PSI) is OK and normal. Extreme air pressure is not.

    There is also a vacuum relief check valve that is supposed to allow air into the tank even with minimal vacuum. So the fuel tank should never have any significant vacuum.

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    On an SLT the fuel tank pressure relief valve is located near the front seat latch. The hose should be mounted in a rubber grommet. if your tank is building pressure that valve needs to be replaced. the hose it is on should also have a tee in it with another valve hanging in the hull. that valve will be the vacuum relief valve.

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    I'm pretty sure it's over 2psi. Shoots out like a cork gun just glad it's on a chain would've lost it in the lake. I will check those valves thanks

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    I have found the pressure valves to pop around 2.5 PSI. Believe it or not, that is enough pressure to blow the cap off.

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