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    RRFPR connection leak - check yours?

    I noticed something and wanted to pass it along and find out if others might have noticed this on their skis too.

    I have a Riva RRFPR and stock fuel pump. The Riva RRFPR reuses the stock push type fuel connector from the gas tank; this always seemed secure and I never noticed a problem. Yesterday I was rerouting the crankcase breather hose and it pressed against the fuel connector, and I noticed a few drops of gas came out of the connection. Really surprised me since I thought that connection would be very secure due to the fuel pressure we run.

    I turned on the fuel pump a number of times and checked the connection again, but without anything pushing against the connection, it did not leak at all. The way our skis are setup most people would not know if they had a minor fuel leak, since it would just drip into the hull and evacuate with the bailer system.

    Has anyone else noticed this? You may want to key on your ski and put your hand under the connection just to check it in case. It does seem that any pressure against the fitting is a bad idea ...

    Has anyone changed or replaced the stock connection to something that might be more secure?

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    Oi oi oi!!! That doesn't sound good, but highly likely for something to put pressure on the connector with the amount of re-arranging and fitting of non stock parts.

    Will be very aware of this now.

    Good info to know.

    Cheers Vern

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    Aren't they the same type of fittings used in many OEM fuel injection systems?

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    yes they leak
    they were designed for 58psi max
    I have seen them come un-connected and spray fuel every where

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