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    2006 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO Bilge Pump

    Due to my last outing, where I had a hose to coolant hose to come off the engine block and fill my ski with 4" of water. I decided to remove the rule electric bilge pump and make sure it was working correctly. The service manual says to remove the pump and put into a bucket of water and hook 12 Volts to the connector and see if it runs. My ran in a bucket of water but did not cut off when raised out of the water but kept trying to pump. My question is how does the bilge pump know if there is water in the hull. Is there an internal float in the bilge pump, a float somewhere else that the engine module decides to turn the pump on or off or does it just run all the time.

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    nope , it runs constantly when engine is running.

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