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    Best 2014 ski for Jumping waves...

    What's up guys, need a few opinions here. I'm looking for the best option for jumping on the market. I currently have an 09 Yamaha the ski, jumped the hell out of it. It took quite the beating before I finally cracked the transom (twice) and have since retired from big air... I had it coming I suppose, a thin hull material and a half ton of weight coming ass end down from over 10 ft in the air (I weigh 225). That being said, I want back in the game with a new ski, only problem is, they don't seem to make skiis capable of big air these days... Yes there's the new SPARK..but the plastic hull scares me, and the fact that Sea Doo comes right out and says it was designed for flat water riding. I want hard acceleration (whole shot) to get up on waves from a stop... just before they break... it seems like the RXP 260 might be the 'best' option out there? I just don't know... I'd reinforce, Id weld I'll do whatever it takes..just want a new one, not used...any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    If you want to jump wake you have to go old school. My 96XP looks like a speck in the sky when you jump a good boat wake. I'm talking moto-cross air. Your power to weight ratio is vastly different compared to newer skis. I'm actually kinda scared to jump my rxp like that. To heavy and to evpensive if you screw up. The 96 XP is maybe 500lbs and only worth $1000 at best but is still as reliable and has the same power as it did new. Still runs a solid 60mph.

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    Ya the xp or hx is great. If u want brand new get a 15f kawi. We jump out at a sand bar off the coast of Maryland and 10' is have of what half the skis see on a good day. No hulls cracking either. I've been jumping my heavy ultra for 7 years now getting higher then 10' and it's held up as well Where do u live. There is a nice xp for sale near me

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    Quote Originally Posted by devils ride 250 View Post
    If u want brand new get a 15f kawi.
    +1 The 15f is a great jumper and very low maintenance required.
    -I've watched my buddy thrash one for years. The only jump(bad landing) damage has been bent handle bars.

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