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    1999 gti

    A friend of mine has a 99 gti with the 717 motor, he bought used and never ran very good.It would not idle and bog down at the start, so I rebuilt the carb.That helped some but now with 1 person riding it, it takes a long time to get on plane.Once its on plane it runs fine.With 2 people on it will not get there unless you go over a wake or big wave to get prop out some. The rpm's would go up then it would take off ??

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    Check for a banana in the tailpipe. You never know what happens when shit sits in "the shop" for too long

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    Have you done a compression test? Maybe in the past somebody put the wrong impeller on?

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    No Banana in the tailpipe, any more suggestions while i'm here standing on the other side of the fence ?

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