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    Polaris sl 780 starving for fuel

    Just bought 97 sl 780 rebuilt top end good compression seemed to be running good now starving for fuel. Changed oil and gas lines cleaned carbs seemed to be running good went to take it to lake would not start. Figured out it is fuel problem. How can I tell if fuel pump is working correctly? Took carbs lines off had little gas in them but not a lot. With the gas turned on not getting much flow thru lines. Any ideas? Thanks guys. New here and new to polaris but not new to skis.

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    Could be time to rebuild both the carbs and the fuel pump. Fuel pump rebuild kit will cost around $20. Carb rebuild kits will cost around $165. Needles can get stuck in the seats, the diaphragms could have pin hole leaks in them, etc.

    Other than that, need to check your fuel select switch and ensure the o ring in it is in good working order. Check your tank venting to ensure it is operating properly as well.

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    As stated above, I also recommend going through your fuel system completely. Failure to do so will result in engine failure.

    We have all parts needed in stock. Genuine Mikuni kits. you can order at

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    Will try that thanks

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