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    noob needs help :) coupler/pump removal

    I am tearing down my 1995 SLT750 (been sitting for years while i was in college) to rebuild the motor and have come to a sticking point.

    I'm sure someone has already had this issue and this is a repost so please point me in the right direction or thread.

    I have no idea how to get the Pump/Shaft/Coupler off the motor. I have the service manual but it is so vague.
    "Loosen(4)5/16"mounting bolts.Remove extension housing (and wedge where applicable)."

    First off I cant even get the nozzle and reverse/steering section off the thing. Even with the bolts removed and 3 days worth of liquid wrench, i guess its bound to come off one of these days but its not budging now. I have been whacking it with a 2x4 and a hammer, no go.

    Then there is the shaft coupler inside the engine bay. No matter how many times I look at the exploded view of this section in the manual it makes no sense to me. Is there anything holding the shaft in the coupler like a pin or bolt? I see flat edges on it designed for a big adjustable wrench, is that for manually turning engine over or screwing off the coupler?
    Does the shaft just slide out once I break through all the corrosion?

    Thanks for any help or direction in advance.

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    Click on my signature links and look in the Jet Pump section. There are videos showing how to get the jet pump out using a long 2x4.

    In extreme cases you may need to remove the ride plate to allow better work access to the jet pump area.

    It is not necessary to remove the nozzle assembly before removing the main pump body (pump stator, mainly). Once the whole thing is out you can attack it on your work bench to get the nozzle section apart.

    Once you have the jet pump removed the driveshaft just slides straight out the back. It often comes out with the jet pump so watch for that. If the drive shaft is stuck in the engine coupler it can take some strong tugging to get it out. Be careful when it does let go suddenly, it is easy to fall backwards!

    The flats on the engine PTO coupler are there so you can unscrew the coupler from the engine. Do this while the engine is still in the hull. Makes it easier when the engine is bolted down. Use the 'rope trick' in the PTO cylinder to hold the crankshaft still while you loosen the engine coupler.

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    Look what I found last night...Click image for larger version. 

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    Am I replacing all 3 pistons or is it ok to do just one? The other two seem to be in pretty good shape, but i guess ill know more once I pull them out and check the other surfaces for scoring.

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    You can do just one if the others are in good shape.....

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