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    Can someone explain where this cream colored oil is coming from?

    Just picked up a nice 89 650SX from the original owner. Very nice shape and I was cleaning it up I noticed a dark cream colored oil in the hull. I cleaned it up real nice sucked it out and now it looks great. Only problem is the next day I looked and there was more oil in the hull. It's not the dark colored oil that is poured into the oil reservoir to mix but it is a lighter brownish goo? To make sure the reservoir tank is not leaking I marked it the night I cleaned it up and the next day it had not dropped any on my mark.
    This is driving me crazy so where could this oil be coming from? The ski did set on a car
    Port for the past 3-4 years but I fogged the cylinder, added a new battery, poured some pre mix into the cylinder and it started right up. Thanks for the help guys!

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    Oil mixed with water is my guess

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    Check your oil lines going from the pump to the motor,you may have a leak that only leaks when the motor is running,it then mixes with the water your taking in while riding the result is the brown goo you see.

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    it could be that its still seeping out from all the crooks and crannies
    I like to clean it out as best as I can and then put some tide and water inside and take it for a ride
    on the trailer.Works just like a washing machine.drain and rinse.clean as new inside......

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    So just to be safe from having to worry about all the lines back and forth, tank leaking etc... Would it just be a safer and less problematic bet to throw a block off plate on it and call it a day. Have no problem with pre mixing I just hate to rest the fate of my ski on old hoses and pumps that may or may not need changed. What do you guys think?

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    It cant hurt.

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    The problem is with the hoses, not the pumps. In all the years I've been messing with these things, I've only heard of one legitimate oil pump failure, and that was last month.

    Your 'Ski has a fixed ratio pump, so it doesn't reduce pump output at idle--i.e. you still get a lot of smoke.

    Your call, whatever is easier for you.

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    Could be the crankase drain. Leaking into the hull. Follow the cable from the knob down to the bottom of the motor, run your hand over the drain. If you find the goo, thats the source.
    Moisture and a lot of oil in the crankcase from sitting.
    Blockoff kits are avalible for the drain as the tend to fail.

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