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    Another gtx Question after impeller bearing replacement

    had this thread a couple days ago. Got it apart and new bearing replaced and reinstalled.

    Went for ride today, worked great for about 500 yards and then it "spun" again, this time I had no propulsion and a bad leak at the carbon seal from the shaft having moved forward. Barely got it back to the trailer without sinking.

    Once on the hose I could run it, give it some gas and see the drive shaft move forward about a half an inch when I would rev it.

    Pulled the pump back off and reinstalled and it is working fine again on the hose; no movement in the shaft. I'm lost now. I Don't think I screwed anything up last year when I replaced the carbon seal and it ran fine at the end of last year but frankly it all seems so simple that I am somewhat baffled.

    Any thoughts? Could it be a PTO issue? Seems weird to be a PTO issue because it isn't a constant and consistent slip?

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    Is your impeller still tight in the pump?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 8 is enough View Post
    Is your impeller still tight in the pump?
    Definitely. No play at all in it.

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    Are you sure the drive shaft splines and impeller splines are ok? Lots of things can cause the drive shaft / floating ring to break the seal: nose cone not secure and moved forward on the drive shaft, C clip broken and or missing under the floating ring, PTO seal failure - which would normally cause massive oil leak, thru hull fitting busted, etc. etc.

    Take some pics of your impeller, wear ring, carbon seal, floating ring, PTO seal etc and post….someone may see something you are not…..

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    Well I figured it out!!!!

    The motor mounts are broken......

    im im guessing this won't be that pleasant to fix, but we'll get the parts ordered tomorrow I guess.....

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    you will also need a motor alignment tool

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    Quote Originally Posted by skidoochris View Post
    you will also need a motor alignment tool
    Thinking I'll get them in then take it to a guy up the street that has an alignment tool and get him to do the final alignment

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