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    Filling and painting scratches/gouges

    Got a few nicks, dings and one nasty gouge on my 13 VXR, damn docks and ppl not respecting the NO WAKE zone rules at the lake. What can be done to fill and "touch up" these marks? I can live with the few tiny ones that are just on the surface, but the two that look like I took a flat head screw driver and scrapped it down the side i'd like to fix.

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    Marine tec.....may have to repaint repair area

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    I managed to find some black 5 minute epoxy... works a treat!

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    Epoxy from west marine with the black pigment did a great job fixing the gauges in the bottom of my hull. And since they down there i just sanded down no need for pain as the black blended real good

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    some touch up paint might do the job. worked fine on my ski. I didn't use the yammi paint, though. lol
    here's a link.

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