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    Unhappy Sea Doo RXT 260 IBR Errors Help/Opinions Please!

    Hello everyone, I purchased a 2011 Sea Doo RXT 260 with 16 hours over the winter. I put it into the water for the first time and rode for about a half hour. After docking the RXT for a few mins I started it up and I had the check engine message on/ibr error. I do not have the error codes because I didn't know how to retrieve them at the time. After I got back to the dock I pulled it out of the water and the error was gone and the ibr functions again. (Everything appears to be functioning as normal)

    -Any idea what the problem was? Maybe a stick jammed in the reverse gate?

    -Anything I can check? (I don't see anything wrong or stuck in the IBR)

    -I guess the only thing I can do now is test it again this week sometime?

    -Thanks in advance for any Help...

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    Possibly some trash.
    You can check codes when the ski is not running, putting the key on, then push the start/stop button to wake up the dash, then scrolling thru the menu, to the codes.
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    check the bucket for loose bolts
    flick the ibr lever hit start button then put key on get 2 beeps crank
    if ibr light is on pull ibr fuse and put back in this will clear the code 9 times out of ten

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    Check the 4 bolts from the pump on the 4 adapters and the 4 bolts from the adapters on the rideplate !!
    Friend of mine had one loose, blocking the ibr gate / mechanism. Giving a fault code.

    There is also a 'recall' for this with newer / longer bolts. Check with your dealer.

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    I have had a weak battery set IBR codes on my ski.

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    Have you had the latest iBR updates done? It might be an unlikely cause but you never really know.

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    Thanks so much for all the replies, this is my first Sea-Doo with a brake.

    - How do I check to see if I have the latest IBR updates/software and Recall information?

    - The ski is no longer reporting any errors, so I can't check to see the code anymore? When I scroll through the dash I don't see a code menu.

    I will check for loose bolts tomorrow and the battery is charged.

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    You can't check and see if you have the latest iBR updates without hooking it up to a computer (aka bringing it to the dealership in most people's case). If you haven't had it updated within the last year, you definitely don't have the newest updates.

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    Hello. I have same problem with IBR. I got 2017 rxt 300. It's has only 13 hours on it
    My ski at seedoo dealer alredy for one week and they can't found the problem. It's showing fault code

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