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    Taking Ski on vacation (salt water use) ??

    Just bought a 2000 Genesis... 1st time jet ski owner......

    Primary use will be fresh water... but curious ... is it common for folks to take their fresh water ski's with them on vacation to the coast ? (Salt Water)....

    I understand there is alot more fogging / washing / flushing after salt water use...

    Just curious if mixed use salt / fresh is common or a big NO-NO...


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    No issues with changing water types!

    As you noted, flush the machine inside and out with fresh water after riding in salt water, including the jet pump area. Do not spray or splash water into the engine air intake, of course.

    If you spray protectant on the outside of the engine and the jet pump it will make it easier to get the salt off afterwards and will reduce corrosion risk. Do not use WD40, use a better product.

    The ocean riding guys have a number of protectant products they like from various brands.

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