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    Thinking of swapping Yamaha VX for Sea Doo GTI SE 155....thoughts?

    OK, so I'm over here in the Sea Doo forum and I know everyone wants me to dump my Yamaha, but I've got a specific concern. I've got a 2008 Yamaha VX Cruiser that is a great family ski that is very easy on the wallet and the 50 mph top end is really fine for our little lake (jealous of you guys on larger bodies of water!) What I'm finding, though, is that the VX just isn't much fun to drive. It's almost too stable, cuts too hard in corners for a low powered ski, etc. It's very hard to get any real thrill on the thing.

    I had been thinking about checking out a Spark, but I really like the idea of the bigger 3 seat ski for some of the family uses. We also tend to use a ski *maybe* 10 hours a year, so I just can't justify the cost of a new ski of any sort.

    My question is, has anyone gone from a Yamaha VX to a GTI who wants to share their experience? I found a great deal on a 2007 GTI SE 155 and my gut is telling me this could be a solid trade for my needs.

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    I would think the GTI SE would be just as stable as your VX.

    I don't see much benefit swapping over at this point.
    What are you hoping to do with the ski? Spins and such? Jumping waves?

    The VX is I believe even a bit lighter than the GTI. If you're fine with the speed I'd say stick with what you got for now.

    The 3up Spark would be ideal, but apparently they are soldout everywhere.

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