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    1999 Yamaha 1200xl Limited issues...

    Hello all! New to the forums and new to PWC, however, not new to maintenance and fixing things myself. I bought this ski off a very good friend when they were moving. They delivered the ski with a chunk out of the front of the hull and was told it was not taking on water... I accepted(with a discount of the price) and winterized it and put it in the garage for the winter... Last week, fired it up outside, fueled it up and dropped it in hoping for the best. After getting it out of the No Wake Zone, I opened it up and it flew... slowed up because of traffic and opened it up again with no issues... however, that is where the problems started...

    Issue #1: wouldn't do above 4mph, limped it to my dock and got it pulled to the launch.
    Issue #2: It did take on water(alot of water! I'm guessing from the front gouge).

    I drained the water from the rear drains, pulled the plugs, got all water out of the engine, put new plugs in, tested battery voltage and let it dry out for a couple of days.

    I recently fixed the gouge in the front which was def taking on water and did a great job doing so. Actually learned a lot about fiberglass and resin. So I tested the ski for startup again, which was fine, checked everything else and off to the lake to just test if patch was good and not taking on water.

    Dropped it in, floated with no issue, no water, nothing... Told the wife to get on the ski, start it up and go open it up! She does so... Starts fine, idled fine and did 55+ with no hesitation or any other issues... She brought it in and I checked for water again... There was some in all 3 compartments but nothing major.. So I took it out... Did the same thing! It ran great! However, when pulling in to the dock, it started to have issues with idling... rough idle and stall. I would hold the start button and it would beep twice and try to turn over and stop. It would do that a few times and I would hold the throttle in and press the start button and I would get it to start again. I pulled to the dock and looked in the compartments with now alot more water! After that, the ski really wouldn't start...

    So my questions...

    #1 Why would the ski still be taking on water?
    #2 Why is the build in bilge pump not pumping it out?
    #3 Temp sensor on exhaust is not connected to anything but I highly doubt my friend put the D-Plate on it.
    #4 Any Thoughts? I have searched everything and anything and I am now here with the experts...

    I know this post is very long, but I feel I needed to explain every action step by step for a proper diagnosis...


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    you obviously have a leak somewhere. Your repair job or elsewhere. Could be multiple places. Might not be a hull leak at all. Might be a water hose or clamp in the hull, pissing inside.
    Run it with the seat off, on the dock/agaisnt the bulk head or something so it will rev but not move & you can inspect the inside for the water source.
    (ie exhaust hose, pisser line, clamp, rear running through hull fittings, shaft hose, exhaust hose/exit, missing tunnel bolts, etc.
    Make sure the drain plugs are in.

    the auto bilge only works when your moving at speed. it works by vacuum basically. once you slow down it doesn't 'suck' anymore. could also be clogged or have hose issues.
    * this is a great reason to add a separate electric bilge. you can pump water from a stalled ski.

    even if your friend did put the d-plate in, you still need the $20 sensor to fool the edu.

    Rough running could be lots of issues. It does some random though. So, probably not carbs. Fuel filter, water separator, fuel switch, kinked lines?
    It's also likely you have wage run the gas or injected it into the motor.
    Sound alike you took on a lot of water. Not good, def get it sorted for sure before you sink it.

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    I have the same model and I am also having the issue with taking water in. I have it in the shop for what I think is a carb issue as well.

    As for the water..... On the siphon Bigle there is a connector in the back compartment on the back of the wall. I noticed once you take apart this connector there is a rubber valve. My valve was broken so I replaced it. I hope this is my cause of taking water on. You might want to check this rubber valve as well. I can take a picture or you can find the diagram for the bilge in a service manual or part diagram. If you cant let me know. I would check that.

    I also pulled out the siphon bilge to check it to see if it is clogged but mine looks fine. I am hoping it is that darn valve being broken and letting water in when I am the engine is going slow or not moving.

    Good luck

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    Thanks for the help. I fixed the idle stalling using with a new Sealed Battery. Much better now. As for the water coming in, I checked the entire ski for somewhere where there may be water coming in (put the ski on my dolly and looked it over), and I can't find anything.... I made sure the drain plugs were completely sealed when closed and they seem to be also... I also just got the connecter for the hose, ran it with water and nothing was leaking at all... What I haven't done yet is put it back in the water to test again. I will do so in the next few days and will post back my findings.

    Thanks Canon for the input, I will check the connector...


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    Let me know what happens

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