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    Help with my 2001 Seadoo rx

    Hello everyone I am new to the jet ski family my first jet ski was purchased 2 weeks ago, This weekend I decided to test it on a lake to see if it was ready to take on the beach, but at the end of the day when it was time to get it out of the water I noticed that it was flooded inside.It was having problems turning on so when I got it out of the ramp I disconnected all of the plugs and let it drain and it started right up every time even when I flushed it. I've ran some test on it to see where it is leaking and the only place water comes out after having water inside is in the rear left side next to the propeller where has a hole that has an O-ring, and you can say a washer but bigger and black,also a tube is connected to it i'm guessing for air. The water comes out from the seal of the washer as the seals are a bit damaged. I would like to know if this is possible and also what that part is called thanks.

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    Could you take a picture of said area?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ACA1996XP View Post
    Could you take a picture of said area?
    Just found out it's the exhaust outlet thanks for your time

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    Is it possible for it to take water through in there? Because it certainly is leaking water when the hull has water inside but it seems as it is leaking through the o-ring and the outlet piece that almost looks like a washer.

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    So you are saying it's taking on water through the exhaust outlet?

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