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    White corrosion deposits in engine waterways


    New to the forum so hello! I am rebuilding a 02 RX DI and there are a lot of white corrosion in the top enD water ways as well as the holes where the bolts goes through and the exhaust waterways. Does anyone know of a product that I can flush through the system to clean this out? It is a really hard thick white corrosion which I can only assume is due to salt water running without proper flushing.

    Help much appreciated!

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    I myself do not flush. I use a bead blast cabinet loaded with glass beads. I blow through all passages, then blow it out with compressed air, then retap all holes using wd40 and a dewalt drill.

    Blaster also cleans the gasket surfaces really well.

    The glass cuts the gasket and deposits but does not hurt the base metal.

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    You sure its not calcium deposits instead of corrosion ?
    Can happen operating in fresh water as well.
    Chemical cleaners or bead blasting will remove quickly as stated

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    Thanks for getting back to me. I do not have access to a bead blaster any suggestions on chemical cleaners that might do the job?

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