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    01 GPR with D-Plate and Chip, Exhaust Temp Warning Came On

    I recently rebuilt an '01 GP1200R for a friend. New shortblock, rebuilt carbs, new fuel lines, rebuilt pump, flushed tank, added a d-plate and chip. Everything mechanical has been gone through and the ski runs like a champ.

    However, I had been running it for about an hour yesterday and the exhaust temp warning light and beeper came on. I shut off the ski, pulled the seat and felt/splashed all sections of the exhaust. Temps were reasonable, nothing too hot (no sizzle) and just a good warm temp.

    I put the seat back on, started the ski back up and it was fine. About 20 minutes later the warning came back on again. Same thing, shut off ski, checked temps, all good. All pissers were working and water wasn't searing hot. Rode the ski for another 30 minutes and it never came back on again....

    Can the water temp sensor still activate the exhaust temp warning light? If I have the temp sensor chip in, I don't know any other way the warning would come on... unless my chip is faulty?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated since the ski will be picked up in about a week or so.

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    water temp and exhaust temp totally separate circuits

    maybe a faulty chip... check it with dvom... should be roughly 1K ohms

    another thing to consider... if the old cat failed was there any debris still inside the pipe?

    I have seen the center portion of the cat come out and travel down the pipe and bounce around in there

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    Thanks for the reply WFO!

    Exhaust was pressure washed, rinsed with carb cleaner, sprayed out with 120psi air. Did this from the manifold (including water jackets) all the way to the hull outlet. All exhaust pieces were completely removed from the hull and inspected, cleaned to spotless.\

    I'll meter the chip and report back.

    Edit: chip metered at ~991 ohms
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