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    97 XP 800 - Spark issues

    1) I had the lanyard key tested by a dealer. ..its ok. When the lanyard is clipped to the post. beeps. The only gauge that responds is the trim. ..everything else no movey.

    2) It fires up and runs like a champ for about 3 to 4 seconds. ..then dies like you unplug the key?

    3) I have an extra mpem box that I am pretty sure is good. I hooked it up. . .and same exact thing. change.

    4) I read that I am suppose to make sure all grounds are clean and tight. I took off the ground coming from the battery. ..cleaned it. ..also all the grounds that connect to the coil post bolt. Are there any other ground wires that I missed?

    5) I ohm'd the coil. .. 00.5 ohms. . .I have another coil that I ohm'd. ..the same. . .so I am assuming both coils are either good. . .or bad. . .someone that knows hopefully can tell me.

    6) Tried to do the 5 pushes of the start button. No beeps. ..but. ..the trim gauge does respond when I push it the first time. . .but. ..nothing after that.

    7) We are between 4,000 and 5,000 ft. ..I think the one jet I pulled is a 147.5. screw driver chipped the corner where the first number was. I have another XP that has been running in my area. ..and it has written on the side of the hull main jet 132.5 and pilot at 70. I have looked for an elevation chart. success.

    I am all ears. . .thanks in advance!

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    Don't try to compensate for altitude with jetting. Start with the impeller. I had a 96 GSX that was set up for 5000 ft and currently have a 98 xp limited set up for the same elevation. It sounds like your fuel system needs to be overhauled. Do you have grey fuel lines? If so, replace them, clean or rebuild the carbs paying attention to the microfilters. Then clean or replace the on/off/reserve switch. Once it starts and runs, depitch the impeller, and add a high compression head. It will run great. If you need to squeeze every last bit of power, then you can play with jetting, but the key is impeller pitch. On my 787 I had a solas sc-sd-j 15/20 impeller with an r and d head and bill oniels jet kit.

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    NEWS FLASH. . .waaaaahoooo. . .the beast runs! I can't tell you how many threads on this forum never have an ending. . .its like they figure out the issue then never post the solution. . .I hate that. So. . .here was the fix for at least the stalling part of the issue. It was the spark plugs! The plugs that were in this machine were not resistor plugs. They don't have the "R" in the number. When you run non-resister plugs...they create interference to the ECM and freaks it out apparently. We put in resistor plugs and she runs great. We still have to figure out why the beeper isn't working. ..but. . .I think its just a bad beeper.

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