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    Question 2000 gpr 1200- overheats and then loses power

    I took my 2000 gpr 1200 on the bay today, was riding for a good 45
    minnutes when out of no where the overheat light and beeping went off on the ski. I stopped the ski and shut down the engine, popped the seat off to check for over heating and it didnt seem to be to hott. I put the seat back on and turned the ski back on started right up. I squeezed the throttle
    and when i squeezed it down about half way it sounds like its revving out and not going anywhere. The ski will stay at a steady idle speed while ot revs out but barely moves!
    Anyone have any ideas what it can be? Im replacing the cat for dplate soon could this be the answer to
    my problems? And whats making it rev out like that? Thanks !

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    Can anyone help me out pleasee!? Lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Darks8 View Post
    Can anyone help me out pleasee!? Lol
    If the motor revs up 6500 or whatever look at the pump not the motor.

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    What pump ?

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    The pump on the back, sounds like you have something in it causes cavitation or something's stripped

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