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Thread: Flame Arrestor

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    Flame Arrestor

    I see a number of you removing the flame arrestor. I live in ohio and these are required to be in place by law. Not that I think any DNR officer would say, well, take the top off so I can check your FA.... But, in any case, before I pull it out, what are the risks of doing so? I imagine it is in place to prevent meltdowns from backfires? Or am I off base? I've literally seen a boat burn down to the water and sink within minutes because someone didn't run the bilge pump before firing up. I don't want to create an environment in my ski that could cause this type of situation. What are your thoughts?

    Also, if you install an aftermarket intake is the area the FA is housed in removed?

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    Remove the FA and u will never look back ...

    The stock air box holds a heap of gear , ECU , fuse box , starter relay etc ...

    The pods so far mod the existing box ...

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    Remove it, worry less ride more.

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