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    Need help! Gas in oil

    Hi to everyone, i am new here.

    So i have rxp 260 tuned to 320hp and have issue with it. My oil level going up like crazy, removed some oil and can feel gas in it. Checked compression 1:130 2:135 3:120. Fuel regulator set at 60, remapped ecu, injectors, biggest sc.

    What compression should be on these? am i low? or it's ok?

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    What ECU are you running?
    What injectors?
    What SC?
    What intake?
    What FPR do you have?
    Is it a rising? (could be your problem)
    Was the compression done COLD? WARM?

    If you are running a remapped ECU and using a RRFPR, that would be where the problem is. The ECU is mapped for STATIC pressure, not a Rising Rate...

    How are you monitoring your AFR's?

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    I will check for these details, James Bushell did it for me. He said he did everything right, only could be rings, but i don't think so.
    I checked compression on little warmed engine in garage for around 1min on hose as i have open loop.

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    Readings i gave were for cold engine, after i warmed little up i got 1:135 2:138 3: 130

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    Sounds like a Dynojet CMD fuel controller with autotune, is what u need to get the fueling correct.

    What are your AFR's?
    Do u have a guage installed?

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    I don't have meter installed. I just gonna take it back to James to sort it, just long drive for me to his workshop.

    Is my engine compression ok?
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    Update after long time, fuel pressure was set to over 70 After setting back to 60 it still going strong!

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