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    Synthetic oil question

    I just recently switched to Royal Purples Marine synthetic oil in my 09 STX. My ski would consistently top out at 60 ish on the dream o meter on the standard Kawasaki oil...just changing the oil only, the ski is consistently going 64-65 on the dream o meter (stock speedo). I don't really care about the actual speed increase accuracy but it did increase.

    I was told by a friend who used to build engines and chassis for a nascar team a while back...they used synthetic oils. They had dry sump systems on the engine as well. On a cold start, they would manually pump the oil through the system for a few minutes and then fire the motor. Apparently synthetic oils when hot are very viscous and when the motor is shut off, the oil drains faster to the pan than a conventional oil...which during the next start up, some parts could not be lubricated the same as a conventional oil.

    Now to my question; I see a lot of people running synthetics in their Kawasaki 4 strokes. Does this stock engine setup keep oil in a "position" to lubricate the necessary parts before the engine completely cycles the oil when warmed up?

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    I run that same oil in my 300 and I haven't noticed anything odd or different from the Kawasaki oil. you'll be fine to run royal purple.

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