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    1999 Polaris SLTH-700 no tank pressure, ski not getting fuel. HELP

    No pressure in fuel tank issue. HELP

    I have a 99 Polaris SLTH-700 with 56 hours. 2 cylinder red motor.

    It runs good, but every once in while it will loose fuel/fuel pressure and turn off. Will restart eventually. Usally shuts off at lower RPMS.

    I think the issue is I have no pressure in my gas tank. (there is NO hiss noise at all when taking off gas cap... there should be)

    All of the fuel lines have been previously replaced and I have checked most of them and see no issues. Gas cap seal looks good.

    I tested the fuel pump, it is fine. The return restricter is in place. The carbs have been pulled and they are clean. The filler neck hose looks good. The intake vent for the gas tank is good I tested it, only allows air in, not out.

    The vent valve is brand new and is setup to only vent when 2 psi is reached.

    Any ideas on where I could be leaking from??

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    Leave the ski in the sun for a bit and see if any pressure escapes when you open the gas cap.

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    No thats the issue. Like I said there is NO tank pressure and I cant figure out why. I could put it in the sun for hours and still no pressure when taking cap off. I tested all of the above in my orginal post.

    HELP !

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    Are you sure the engine is stopping because of weak fuel delivery to the engine?

    Make sure the fuel filler neck does not have hairline cracks. Also check the gas cap for cracks in the plastic.

    As a diagnostic you can apply modest air pressure to the fuel tank. Remove the vacuum relief check valve and connect an air compressor, set to VERY low air pressure. Gently apply air pressure in small amounts. You do not want to burst the fuel tank with excessive air pressure!

    If the fuel system pressure release valve is working properly it will start flowing air just around or above 2 PSI.

    While the tank is pressurized you can spray soapy water around all the tank and hose fittings and watch for air bubbles.

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    Can you tell me how you tested your fuel pump I have no fuel to carbs.

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