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    About to pull my TS1000 motor out, but...

    I'm about to pull the shark motor out to do a complete rebuild. here is where the problem lays, The coupler setup is completely different then the Kawasaki standups. and what i read you need an alignment too to drop the motor back in correctly... where in the H3ll can i get one for the 97 1000?

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    so any one? When I pull motor i'll mark the shims, that's same as a kawasaki. On the kawasaki i use a piston pin on the coupler to get it aligned. I read, you need an alignment tool to drop the motor back in the shark correctly... where in the H3ll can i get one for the 97 1000

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    Not sure where to get an alignment tool but you can make one. all you need is a shaft long enough to go from the engine coupler all the way out through the back of the jet pump. you need your pump bolted on the hull with the impeller removed. the shaft needs to fit in the pump bearings and slide through till it gets to the engine and then you can line your engine correctly. not sure of the correct shaft size but you match up a shaft from your drive shaft and your impeller pump stub shaft

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    As long as you mark the location of your shims you shouldn't have a problem. Take it out, rebuild it, and them drop it right back in exactly as it was. No alignment tool necessary.

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