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    Abandoned ski/mechanics lein

    This happens every so often, but usually the boat/ski is not worth much and we eventually just scrap them out. Here's the story,
    customer drops off a set skis off at the shop with one needing a engine the other ski needed nothing but battery. The guy finally came up with most of the money and we ordered and installed engine in ski, along with rebuild carbs...customer didn't want his dead batteries replaced so we charged them up daily so that he could hear it run when he picked them up...that was over 3 months ago.

    About 3 weeks ago tried to call again with no answer so left message saying to come in and work something out or the following Monday storage fees would start.

    I guess the next step is to run the hull numbers and trailer tag to find the registered owner (if it's even the guy that dropped them off) and send him a certified letter, then post add in local paper for 30days, then file for abandoned property/title?
    I looked inside ski for registration but all I found is Louisiana origin paperwork, but nothing that matches the Florida registration stickers that are current on skiis and trailer. Anybody here up to par on Florida's lein process?
    They are nice skiis and while I wouldn't mind owning them, I would rather the customer just pay (it's less than 1k) and just pick them up. I'm sure other repair shops run into this and i would like to know how they solve and possibly prevent this issue in the future, thanks
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    You need to check specifics with the state DMV offices regarding liens and abandonment.. Here in NM they HIDE the titled owners so getting liens is sometimes impossible just going with registration numbers. Before I wised up I got stuck with a bunch of junky yard queens.

    Send bills monthly by registered mail with return receipts. That's an important part of the process, even if it turns out they guy that brought the skis to you isn't the owner of record you need to make verifiable attempts to contact the person that left the skis.

    If your invoices don't spell out storage terms,. get that on them asap.

    For example, I give 30 days after notice on tickets $500 or more..then $2day storage and 7% late fee.

    That adds up fast

    Now on skis made before year 2000 I demand 50% payment up front and I am far quicker not to take work in if the heritage of the ski is questionable.

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    Thank you, we have a great reef established from 30+ years of junk yard queens. These are too nice to strip. Invoices and shop office has storage posted clearly...had a guy last year come pay late Bill and storage that was like 800$ only to tell us he would be back friday with trailer (ski sitting on shop trailer)...never heard or saw him again.
    Thanks again for your response
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