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    2006 RXT 215 milky coolant

    Hey guys,

    I've got this 2006 rxt and found milky coolant full in the reservoir.

    There is no sign of coolant in the oil.

    I pulled the oil cooler and tested that and it seemed to have held, no leaks for 2 minutes.

    I plugged the oil cooler lined and used a mity vac to try to pressure/vacuum test the cooling system.

    I can only get about 5 or 6 psi, and it won't hold, slow gradual fall in pressure, I can't get any vacuum at all.

    I think it's either a head gasket/damaged head or block or pto seals. But I've read on here that since there is no coolant in the oil that is ruled out. Weephole looks dry.

    Any ideas? I'm stumped and frusturated. Next step is pressure testing the cylinders since I can't do a compression test at this time, and it may not show anything anyway, at least nothing a leak down won't show

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    check oil cooler

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    I tested the oil cooler, it held pressure for more than 2 minutes.

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    I had the same issue in april. Turned out to be a bad PTO seal behind the oil pump.

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    Sorry meant to say oil cooler not heat exchanger

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    Is there a way to test to determine the pto seal and the head gasket?

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    I don't know. Usually when the head gasket goes you will blow coolant out the bottle or combustion chamber. I had just put a new head gasket on so I ruled that out. Once i bought the tool to remove the water pump impeller it was obvious the gasket was bad.

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    Did you have oil/coolant coming out of the weep hole?

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    I've been busy with other projects, which is why this took so long.

    I did pull the oil cooler, and it passed the water pressure test.

    I pressurized the cooling system with the coolant bottle removed and hose plugged and it held pressure 15 PSI.

    The oil cooler also seems to be holding vacuum and pressure. I put in 30 PSI with the vity vac and Im going to let it sit for a day or so and see if it holds, but it seems to be holding

    Any ideas on what this could be? Cooling system tested good, and oil cooler testing good, where could it be mixing? Again there is NO coolant in the oil, just oil in the coolant.

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    When you take the cap off on the coolant bottle and you see black specs , then its a head gasket. I was in denial but aussiepauly was right and my dealership was wrong. Put the over flow tube coming from coolant bottle into an empty drink bottle and if coolant goes into it , then headgasket. You have give it wot a bit to see if its pressurerising

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