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    How do you test a stator?

    I have a 94 Kawasaki 750 STS. Is there any way to check the stator to see if it is bad? How about the CDI unit? Is there a way to check it? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Got a manual?

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    Yes. I do have a manual. Was wondering if there was another way to test it?

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    Do the easy continuity test with a multi-meter, disconnect the 3 prong plug leading out of the stator, put one test needle in one of the 3 female plugs in the connector and then hold the other test needle against the stator case on the engine, if the continuity test beeps then you have a problem with the stator grounding and will need to be replaced/repaired. Be sure to test all 3 female plugs on the connector leading from the stator. My stator was passing the AC voltage output test but apparently it was grounding it to the case.

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