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    New vx cruiser owner questions

    Hey guys, just purchased my first jet ski. 2014 vx cruiser. The dealer wants $230 for a cover, but i was able to find it online for $160. The only thing is that the description for this cover says that it fits 2010-2013 vx cruisers. Has anything changed for the 2014 version that would make this cover not fit anymore?

    Also since i'm super new to the marine life, i want to get a handheld gps for the ski. The garmin 78s has caught my eye. My question is where/how would i mount it without screwing into the body?

    Thanks and can't wait to take delivery of this in 2 days

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    Welcome to the Forum....

    I guess that means you have a few days to read up ....all kinds of options out there, try a search of the forum, plenty of threads about all different types of mounts....... ram mounts, fish finder installs, glove box install....theres a few in the PWC Fishing Section...

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    I've been reading non stop!! thanks for the tips

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    I have two 2012's. The length, width and height specs appear to be the same for both. If the mirror placement or handle bars are significantly different that could affect the fit. Not sure where you're located but if you're near Tuscaloosa AL I would let you try my covers to see if they fit.

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    As i am approaching 10 hours of riding, i know yamaha recommends doing an oil change. I want to try to do this myself. I've been doing a lot of reading and have decided to get the K&N 303 filter to replace the stock one. My question is, what type of oil do you guys recommend? I've seen people say yamalube, amsoil 10w40, and a whole bunch others. Just wanted all of your opinions. Thanks!!!

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    I use a Garmin Montana 600 GPS and use Velcro on my glovebox door. Works well. Try googling Parker Yamaha for the cover. There's usually a reason why the cover you're looking at says 2010-2013. Because it won't fit right.

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    I decided to buy the cover and it fits perfectly on the 2014 version. my big question is what oil to use.

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    You get lots of opinions about oil...some say stay Yamalube until next oil change before switching to Amsoil Marine, lots of guys are using it and happy including me.

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    so at 10 hours, change with yamalube and then the next oil change after that to amsoil?

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