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    Help me pick a new SKI Please

    My wife and i have just sold our last motorcycle. I have had to many wrecks and wanting to switch sports. I loved my honda rocket but its time for a change. I am used to a 200+HP to the wheel built motor 2008 CBR1000RR. I want a new fast and friendly ski that myself and the wife can both enjoy. I will list a few things we would like to find in a ski. I am no pro on a jet ski but i learn fast and have had many toys with loads of speed and power. We will be on local lakes and rivers the most. We will also want to take at least a once a year trip to some nice bigger body of water.

    For myself
    1. speed (more so the get up and go rather then pure top speed)
    2. Power to pull a wake board (i love snowboarding so wake boarding sounds fun)
    3. 3 seats (local law on pulling has to be 3 seater)
    4. Should sound good (not to loud as the wife will be there most of the time)
    5. Fun to play on (just basic stuff

    The wife
    1. stabilty (wants to get on and off easily without tipping to much)
    2. Comfy seat
    3. overall enjoyment
    4. More storage the better

    I am looking at the 310LX right now. It seems it has the power to play (my main intrest) and the size (her main intrest). The radio and comfort factor also add alot to the deal. We see most of our time being spent on the wakeboard.

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    Choppy ocean, Kawi Ultra 310LX. Decent, fast ski.

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