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    Stock 2000 GP1200R with gold pop-off springs?

    Hey, I'm helping a friend rebuild the carbs in his 2000 GP1200R. He ordered genuine Mikuni rebuild kits for them, which should be appropriate for this ski. These kits came with silver (I believe they said 115 gram) springs. However, the springs which are currently in the carbs are gold colored. There are no aftermarket mods to this ski as far as we know. It has the stock airbox and we just ordered a D-plate to replace the destroyed catalytic converter.

    What should we do? We figured it was best to leave the gold springs in there because it was running just fine as far as we could tell and the springs don't appear damaged, but we also don't want to have to take this thing back apart.

    On a similar note, the carbs have a not insignificant amount of rust-colored gunk buildup around the edges. Any suggestions as to how to remove it?

    Thank you!

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    You want to use the dull silver springs, install t handles, and re-jet per OsideBill's recommendations. Will make for a safer, better-running ski. The write-ups can be found in the how to section.

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    You gotta do your reading/research so these guys don't have to answer questions over and over.

    Try looking over this thread it may help you.

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