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    How can I get my MSX110 out of limp mode?

    I sucked some oil into my turbo inlet, removed all parts and cleaned them, replaced the MAP sensors. Engine seems to be running on only the front cyl. Compression is 135(F) and 131(R) cyl. If I unplug the rear inj or plug there isnt much diff how it runs. It will rev to 4800-5000 RPM with a little effort. If I swap the plug, or inj it runs the same. Is the ECM selective on running one cyl on limp mode?

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    Dang... sorry to hear. Rollover? Did the ski ever run properly before the oil issue?

    Did you disconnect the battery overnight to try and reset the ECU? (I'm guessing you probably tried that.)

    I've read old threads here that mentioned folks having similar ECU issues with what sounds like a "limp" mode after a rollover or bad oil ingestion. Some of those stories mentioned having to have the ECU cleared via Digital Wrench... or getting a reflash. I hope that's not your case too... but if you've cleaned all the oil gunk out, replaced the MAP sensors and reset the ECU... I'm not sure what else you can do.

    You might contact Martin at Precision Sports... the ECU guru... to get his opinion. He can reflash stock or upgrades.


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    Ski had been running the best ever(I should have kept my mouth shut), I added a little oil, it had been running on the low side. On hard acceleration it cut out for a moment, then ran welll and slowly began to cut out more and more until it powered down to limp mode. I am not near a polaris watercraft repair shop, is a polaris sled digital wrench capable of reading codes on a ski? Is there any way of getting the engine warning light to flash any codes? Do you have a contact for Martin?


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    Polaris Digital Wrench is all one product... but with different connector cables to hookup to different crafts. The sled DW will work, but will need the special MSX 110/150 connector dongle.

    There is no way to flash codes with the MSX 110/150... or use a regular OBDII reader with it... whereas there has been success doing such on Weber engined sleds... slightly different ECUs.

    Martin's website can be found here:

    I've used this email in the past: [email protected]


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