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    Carb rebuilding advice on screw settings?

    About to tear into carbs and had two questions .
    1. Kits don't come with new needles , should I even have to mess with screws and adjusting ??
    2. Running premix if a plugged oil line pops off carb what happens ?? ( does it suck in air and run lean) ?

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    Some people don't during rebuilding. If you do take them out to replace the O rings on the needles, write down how many turns they were out / in. What kind of boat is it ? Your mods also can change the settings on the in / out turns. Plenty of info around here on stock setting as well as many mods.

    IF not already, remove the oil pump completely and install a block off. Use the rubber caps for where the oil lines were, on the carbs, no need to worry when done.

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    The kits dont come with the needles.

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