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    2006 RXP exhaust over heat once

    Last week went to ride the ski. Had an issue of it running due to me letting it set up for awhile. It took prob a good 45 mins before I could get it to ride but after all that seemed to run excellent. I'm sure it was just letting the gas set up. It did backfire once or twice starting it up. My question is today I ran it for less than a minute running it up to listen to the exhaust. I have a Riva rear exhaust and water box. Me running it up is my guess that it caused it to come over heat on the dash. I had no water to it but then I added water to it from the hose running it up and down and no problems. Should I be concerned about anything? Thanks for your help. I'm def no mechanical person and I take peoples advise very seriously.

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    I am taking it that it overheated when on the trailer due to the water not being on? Just check to make sure nothing melted around the waterbox or temp sender. Run it on the hose, of you see no leaks you should be ok.

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    45 min and backfiring? Get that nasty ass gas out of there!

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    Always run water to it when running on the hose. I have seen an rxpx nearly sink due to over heating the exhaust as a result sucked up weeds. Melted at the temp sensor I believe. Granted he chose to ignore his alarm and kept riding. Do as stated previously run it on the hose and check for any leaks. Check for any leaks once in the water. If you shut it down when the alarm came on your probably okay.

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    I had a similar issue with my 04. It through the exhaust overheat code one time and would do it randomly but quit after I bought a new battery. Just a shot in the dark. These ski's are very temperamental when it comes to weak batteries so that may be worth a look.

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