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    virage 700 01. and were back to no spark :(

    hey guys, Iam back again for some more help, last year I was having problems with getting a spark. after cleaning all the grounds. new ht leads, cutting the 8 pin multi connector off and crimping wires I manged to get the ski running and had a fantastic summer, fast forward to now... got the ski out ready for the summer hooked the battery up and it fired nearly straight away, put battery on charge for several hours tried the ski again and back to no spark!! what ive done...

    tried the lr 505 bypass (disconnected all the cables and jumped the blk/wht wire to the ground in the box is this correct? ) if someone could post a link on the tutorial it would be great ive been searching for hours and cant seem to find it.

    tried holding the bilge down while cranking still no spark

    the brown wire from cdi only has 6v while cranking (this should be higher right?)
    the pur/red wire entering the cdi has over 10v while cranking (grounded within the electrical box) so iam assuming the cdi is getting correct power to operate?

    I know there is tons of info on here (spent hours reading it to the point where I lose track ive what ive already read, if anyone has a simple-ish step by step toutorial on trouble shooting the dreaded no spark please could you post a link, electrics are not my strong point but there is nobody round here where I can take it so have no choice to sort this myself, thanks guys

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    10 volts is not enough to fire the CDI. The absolute minimum is 10.6 volts while cranking and normally with a strong battery it will be near or above 11.0 volts, while the engine is cranking.

    Search for posts with my user name and LR-505 in the post or post title to find the bypass details.

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    firstly thanks for getting back to me k447, ive just double checked and were getting nearly 11v to the cdi, only 6v from the brown wire to stator tho. the blk/wht wires going to the coil are reciving no voltage, I have a feeling the cdi is bad but getting hold of polaris parts in the uk is becoming rather stressful. I have tried searching again for your bypass tutorial but cant find it, iam I missing something? was what I did correct? disconnect every wire and jump the blk/wht to the ground in the electrical box

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    LR-505 Start/Stop module bypass links, copied from here.

    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by jmatt4366 View Post
    I know this is crazy but I can't find the link on how to bypass the module. Only posts referring me to find the link.

    Please help me find the post or attach the URL would be great...
    Using Advanced Search mode;
    Search for LR-505 in Thread Titles only
    Search for posts by K447

    One of the search results leads to this post;

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    thanks k447, i thought that's how you do the bypass, anyway even bypassing the lr 505 still no spark, after what seemed like hundreds of phone calls managed to order a new cdi, fingers crossed this will fix it!! i'll let you know either way

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    apologies for taking so long to conclude this thread, the new cdi fixed the no spark issue. polaris parts are becoming rare in the uk now. Apparently there was only two cdi's remaining in europe

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