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Thread: PO544 Error

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    PO544 Error

    Last week my 2008 180 Challenger threw up a PO544 error (EGTS) now everything I have read so far says that this is pretty common if you start the engine out of the water. I just got my boat out of storage and pout the batter tin and started the engine for maybe 10 seconds just to make sure that it would start before I launched it.

    I didn't have time to change the sensor myself so I dropped my boat off at the seadoo dealer and they are telling me that they have to replace the muffler. they said it has a special coating on it that helps with the cooling and that they wouldn't guarantee the engine wouldn't overheat without replacing it.

    has anyone heard of this before?

    thanks in advance for your help

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    my bs detector is ringing loudly

    who is the dealer selling this bill of goods....does he have magic beans for sale?

    IF this were true..the only overheating would do is make some nasty smell in the hull where the rubber waterbox cover was cooking.

    Without cooling water you can overheat the exhaust pretty darn quick running the engine above an idle. Doubtful you melted your sensor only running the engine for ten seconds

    When I test overheat alarms(part of spring services is to test overheat alarms it only takes a couple of blips on the throttle after cutting off the water to make the alarm go off on most 4-tecs)

    I call it the "you ran over a couple of garbage bags" test.

    I've got a big plate of crow ready to go if somebody can provide proof that I'm incorrect.

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