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    Can I leave my ski outside in the cold?

    It looks like temps will be near 60 today so I think riding will be more important than going to work (at least for half the day ). My ride plate still hasn't come in so I borrowed a stock plate, hull numbers are on, wetsuit is ready and I'm planning on putting some break-in hours on my 250. Night time lows still dip below freezing. Will it be ok to leave the ski outside after I ride? I can slide it into a heated garage but I have other plans for that space.


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    Do your other plans cost over $11,000.

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    I'd be a little careful

    I once had a 26' Trojan flybridge out of the water in Atlanta. Drained
    the block and thought it would be alright as I was storing it for a few
    days before taking it down to FL. below freezing........
    even with block drained, there must have been some water somewhere
    and the block cracked......$1500 (1980's dollars) and I was good to go.

    This Kawa has a lot of nooks and crannies and for sure you don't get
    all the water out of the exhaust system even when running it out of
    water. It also has a lot of plastic hoses, wires, clamps, etc., if they freeze
    who knows what brittle plastic will do. I would keep it out of freezing temperatures.
    Good chance nothing would happen, but what if it did????? A real pain in the you know what
    to fix and I can imagine warranty claim would be a bear.........
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ultra250 Tn View Post
    Do your other plans cost over $11,000.
    Actually, yes It was $51k and I picked it up from the GMC dealer yesterday. The skis only fit on the side the garage that my lifts are on. I'm going to need them when I start modifying the truck in a few days.

    Thanks for the info Tom! I guess I can move the skis around as needed. I don't want to chance having something freeze. That's the reason that I kept them inside all winter so I don't want to ruin that in the final few weeks before the warm weather is here.

    Now I just want the temps to start climbing a little faster this morning

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