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    93 SL750 polaris wiring problems

    i have a 93 Sl750 that i bought with the wiring messed up . can someone help me with this. i need to know where the wiring bundle that comes out of the electrical box by cdi unt ,goes to it goes under the engine . it has at least one wire melted and possibly others melted as well. what all do i have to remove to get to these wiresand where do they go. thanks jeff . i am new to pwc's

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    I think your looking at your stater wires not positive if this will help a have the wiring dia. For the 94 on my phone I will try and apply it
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    Sorry it's upside down

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    It is fairly common for the Black wire inside the cable bundle that connects to the magneto stator to become burned if the electrical box was installed on top of the battery without the plastic battery cover in place.

    To properly repair the burned stator cable wire(s) you may have to remove the magneto stator from the engine. The stator is located behind the flywheel, so the flywheel must also be removed.

    While it may be possible to remove the flywheel and stator with the engine still in the hull, if there is other engine work or inspections needed then removing the engine might be the better method.

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