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    Single bar grate and shoe need help GP1300r

    Hello I though I had a stock ski but I found out after help from you guys I was misled.

    I think this setups f*** my top speed? Is that correct? and the Shoe where can I get a different one? or will that shoe work with to exaple the Riva grate for gp1300?
    And what about the seal kit? I guess that will not fit my Shoe..?

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    This shoe dont need a pump plug/seal kit. Its a shoe for rough conditions.
    but it works with all diferent intakes.

    get your self a used stock shoe from ebay for $40 and a PPK, and a double bar 1200/1300intake grate.

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    Ok ty sounds like a good ide. One queation what is the differensiert beteeween a stoc shoe and the one I have? I cant realy see any differens from pictures.

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    It looks to be a little smaller in the middle....
    Not sure about other differances..

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    I have a stock shoe and Plug kit available.


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    Mr 1x2 Could I buy it? and what is your price?

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