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    No thrust! 2002 Virage 700

    Hey there, I was moving my dock and tied up my ski to the adjoining pier by the rear hook. There was some lake traffic and waves were coming in from behind the ski. My question is, could the reverse flow of water damage anything inside the engine, the jet pump, or the cooling system? The engine sounded strong, but after the stint of being tied up backwards it now has no thrust! Frustrating!!
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    Could waves hitting the rear of your parked ski cause any issues? No. Unless they were so big as to swamp (fill engine compartment with water) and/or sink it. There is no chance of any "reverse flow" or anything that could happen from the situation you described.

    As to why it has no thrust... please describe more. The engine runs and idles and sounds good... but there is no water being forced out the rear of the jetpump? Even at idle? Or are you saying when you go to take off it doesn't "get up" out of the water?


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    Hi and thank you for the response! I was really worried that somehow I really pulled a no-no! The ski moves at idle, but when I go to take off, it wont carry its own weight. I was in a hurry and put her back up on the lift before I had a chance to check if perhaps the water manifold gaskets failed. Two years ago that was the case and once they were replaced I was back in the water! At that time, I put the ski in neutral and revved a bit and saw the water spilling in.

    This time, I checked under the hull and i could not see any debris and when I checked under the seat after it was up on the lift, I wasn't even thinking about the gaskets at all since I had only ridden her a dozen or so times since they were replaced in Sept of 2012. Could the lack of use cause them to fail? Thanks!

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    I'm unclear on your previous issue... but yeah... put the ski in the water... take the seat off and start it up. Check for any leaks from the motor... or from the seals where the driveshaft goes thru the hull (the thru-hull-carrier).

    A really bad leak at the thru-hull-carrier will leak water into the hull... but also... when you rev up the jet pump will create a big suction in front of it and a leaky carrier can allow air to be sucked back through the carrier into the water stream in front of the jet pump. This would cause ventilation of the pump (similar but different than cavitation)... and you would hear the engine rev up but there just wouldn't be any thrust to get the ski moving.

    Another cause of ventilation of the pump... is a blown forward ride plate seal. The metal plate below the jet pump... fastened to the hull is the ride plate. The forward part of this plate needs to have a good seal to the intake grate and hull. A bad seal here will let the jet pump suction pull air in from above the ride plate... and ventilate.

    Another easier thing to rule out... make sure you didn't suck up any seaweed or debris or tow rope up into the front intake of the jetpump. I once had my jetpump chew off a foot of my bow line... and it wrapped around the impeller. Caused bad cavitation and no-thrust. Same can happen with a big hunk of seaweed or debris.

    Or it could be a bad driveshaft coupler. Where the driveshaft connects to the engine... under the plastic protective cover... your coupler which spins with the engine... may have let go. Thus the engine spins, but can't spin the driveshaft. When this happened to me... it would spin the driveshaft/jetpump at idle... so the ski would idle around moving slowly... but as soon as you gave it any throttle it would spin and there would be no forward thrust. So that's another possibility.

    These are what I would start with in my investigation.

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