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    drive line holder/seals 1100 stx

    hello all,

    I recently went to replace my drive line holder/seals. In between the holder unit and the hull is a metal piece that actually looks a little like a funnel. The pointy part of the funnel faces back. I broke this part and I am unable to find it anywhere, including in the exploded views for parts ordering.

    any help is appreciated.


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    Which part? The peice which bolts to the holder? Or the peice glued to the hull?

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    well it is glued to the hull, but it also has the same bolt pattern as the holder, and the bolts go thru the holder and the part . It is in-between the holder and the fiberglass of the hull.

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    pic attached

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Did you use 5200 on it? 5200 is overkill.

    I have an extra but I don't think I wanna part with it. Have you looked on ebay? The one from an ultra is the exact same piece

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    Check out this item I found on eBay:

    Here you go

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    that is actually part of the bearing holder assembly. when it seperates, water eneters.

    the engine has to be lifted to repair it.

    there is plenty of chat on this. pics galore... do a search.

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    Don't waste your money on a used one. It's too hard to change and have it fail in a couple of weeks.

    There are some aftermarket bearing holders that don't require sealant (but I can't remember who makes them).

    If you use sealant, bolt up the engine, then put sealant on, then bolt up the holder last. This will keep the driveshaft in alignment.

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    Guys he's not talking about the bearing holder. Hes talking about the aluminum peice which sits between the holder and the hull. The link I provided has the complete assembly, just toss the holder it comes with in the trash.

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    thanks for answering my question and the link


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