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    06 rxp valve tick or light knock help

    Replaced the bottom end on a 06 rxp and put it together well cyl 3 had low compression so I pulled the head and see that the exhaust valves were no seating good so I lapped 2 used valves in the # 3 and now I have good compression but there is a ticking comin from the top of this motor. What can cause this?

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    Make sure the Rocker shaft is installed properly ( oil inlet holes Down. the valve lash adjusters get there Oil thru Shaft & thru the cyl head. This is considering that all the shaft bolts are torqued & the shaft is fully seated in the head? Also did you install the cam chain tensioner? Sometimes you have to bleed this chain chain TAPPET tensioner down to get it back into the engine?? did you time the engine with the correct timing pins that are required??? This gets the Crank & Cam into Correct postion & gets the timing chain slack on the tensioner side of the gears..??? I would be very concerned of any tapping & ticking noises.. Is it possible you have a exhaust manifold leak @ the head???

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    Just rechecked the rocker shaft and it is installed correctly. As for the tensioner i just put the bolt in and thought it would just push itself into place. I timed it with the pins installed in the crank and the head. I kept the exhaust manifold bolted to the head.

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    It's possible the 2 used valves are too short (were tipped by a machine shop) from a previous valve job? Or yours had been done previously, and these 2 were not, making them too long? Just a thought....

    Verify oil pressure, and while the head was off, you didn't notice (or install) an oil pressure jet in the block did u? the 05's had them for the 05 rocker shaft, the 06+'s didn't have the restrictor in the block, and upgraded the rocker shaft holes to match flow requirements.

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    Checked oil pressure it was 60psi while running. 30psi while cranking. I didnt notice any jet im sure this is an 06 head, rockers etc.

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    I put the old valves I took out which had a # at the top and it is 75219tk and replaced them with a some I had which were 72523t. They measure out to be the same legnth

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