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    Virage flywheel removal

    Thanks too the help here I was able to pinpoint a a bad stator last week. Now set to replace. How much pressure does it take to pop the flywheel. I have everything apart and a puller on the wheel. I put so much force on it that my craftsman 1/2 in wrench broke. I drained and moved the gas tank so I could apply some heat ( not a lot, don't want to ruin any seals) tapped the pressure screw of the puller with a hammer and even used an air driven impact wrench on the low setting. The flywheel won't budge. I'm at a loss. I don't want to put on so much force that I strip out the threads of the screws on the puller. Any ideas as to loosening this thing up. I also sprayed on anti seize and it has been sitting under pressure for about 8 hrs. Thanks.

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    Sometimes these flywheels just need a lot of force before it lets go.

    Leave the nut on the end of the shaft so the flywheel does not go into orbit or hurt someone when it lets go. Just a couple of turns loose on the nut is enough room for it to release.

    The heat does two things. It weakens the Loctite compound. And it expands the cast iron flywheel which should lessen the grip on the tapered crank shaft snout.

    Maintaining the tension is sometimes enough that it eventually lets go by itself.

    Hopefully your flywheel puller is a stout unit that can take the stress.

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    if possible a couple of healthy taps with the ole sledge helps
    sounds like a gunshot sometimes when it pops off.

    harsh language...not so much.

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    Flywheel removed. Success.

    Was out of town so I let the puller stay on under pressure for a full week. Got back home and still on. Backed it off and tried an impact wrench. Still didn't work. Backed off a bit and added some wd40 to were the pullers pressure screw pushes on the crank to reduce binding used a breaker bar and it popped. AWSOME. Good call on leaving the nut and washer on the crank to keep the flywheel from flying. Great tip. Thanks for the help. Hope to get to the replacement of the stator this week.

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    as a general practice flywheel pullers and things of that ilk always benefit from a healthy amount of lube during use.

    Whatever you got..but be generous.

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    Agreed about the lube and heat. The flywheel on my 1200 came off with surprisingly little drama... no heat even needed.

    But the flywheels on two different Fuji engines (750/780) I pulled were impossibly difficult. I deformed the puller on one attempt... the pressure/tension was so high I was sure I was going to break something. I was even using PB Blaster and heat. After all that... a couple good whacks with a big hammer finally it popped. Scared the crap out of me. The first time I did it, I didn't leave the nut on and it popped and landed on my foot. OUCH!


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