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    05 rxt carbon seal - cant slide the hat back

    i ve built the tool, so i have nice applied force, but it doesn't seem to slide back the hat, it seems to push the shole shaft back even though the pump is on and untouched.
    i am not sure how its possible but not sure what to do next. The shaft has rust before the hat so i assume it is stuck to the shaft...
    what to do next?
    thanks guys

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    Soak it with PB Blaster...put a small nut between the shaft and prop in the pump (to keep it from sliding)....and make sure the tool you made has enough THROW to pop it...

    Post pics of the one you made...

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    Or pop the front motor mount and slide the motor forward and be down with it. Then pull the shaft forward and work the hat off on the bench

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    on the badly rusted ones i usually spray some lube with the little plastic tube into the gap of the c-clip so it goes behind it then grab the ring with some Vise grips and turn it to break it free from the shaft.

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    yes soaked with PB and definitely has enough travel - i think it pulled the bearing out of the engine or at least i think that whats under the rubber flap...
    so the nut will eliminate the play in the shaft... ok off to removing the pump. Click image for larger version. 

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    tool took about an hour to make, (after i identified the parts i will use) - bandsaw, torch (to bend) and a little welding and done.

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    motor only has one mount? my old kawi had 4!!

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    the vise grip grab would definitely be easier without the SC in there but i still grab it and the shaft is spinning with the hat - i cant believe how pitted that SS shaft is (actually is it SS) - that is definitely something to be sprayed after every ride....

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    going to let it soak overnight and will try the nut trick tmrw... Click image for larger version. 

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    You won't get that off with out a long fight. Read my post above regarding the removal of the front mount and be done it

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    Just did this and it was a PITA!...wound up getting it by using lever and with as much pressure on it as possible(motor was moving quite a bit on the mounts)...whacked the back of the shaft with a small lump hammer and an aluminim pipe..I think prior though I was tapping as hard as possible on the hat to break free...just plan on getting a new one of those too if you do that

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