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    RXP-X taking on water........

    Hi guys. To make a long story short, I installed a Stage 1 Kit, think I over tightened screws and whole pump assembly ripped off, repaired that, had issue with Solas Boot impeller not working correctly and sinking ski, fixed that with putting stock boot on and not sinking anymore. With all that said, I am still taking on water, not a lot like before, but still coming in. Being out on the water for about 5-8hrs will allow in about 1" or so of water. I sealed all O.P.A.S. Block offs and drain plug seals. I replaced carbon seal, reverse cable and drive shaft when all repairs were going on and installed a bilge pump. Anyone got any ideas on this??

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    tip your trailer up and put a garden hose in the hull and fill it with about 10 gallons and see if it drips out anywhere if you dont find any leaks that way run it at a boat ramp with the seat off and a flashlight to inspect for loose hoses connection or carbon seal

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    Having the same issue can't find leak!
    Filled hull nothing leaking.. but water is in hull during ride

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    Be sure the bailer tubes are ziptied in the UP position.

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    mount a gopro inside the rear hull to see if that can pick something up.

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