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    Just replaced motor mounts, now no double beep or dash info, but runs great

    Replaced motor mounts today. Naturally I pulled battery, exhaust and some various intake hoses etc....

    Now I don't get any beeps when I put the key on, but it does start and run perfectly. I also have no info on the dash. When I take the key off the post I get a very long loud beep.

    Any thoughts??

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    this is all the manual says about one long beep.

    1 long beep (when
    installing safety lanyard
    on watercraft post
    or when pressing
    start/stop button).
    • Improper operation of MPEM or
    defective wiring harness.

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    I am thinking a poor ground or bad plug connection. Double check any of these that you had to undo.

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    I'll double check everything in the am. Don't recall pulling off anything electrical.

    I can start it, run it the pull the key off and still get the long beep. Very oddodd

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