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    01 yamaha suv 1200 rebuild advice

    i have had this ski for a while now and last year i had some issues, then with buying a house and having my first born it was put on the back burner to say the least. i have ran a compression check and from front to back it read 100-100-0, with the plugs out you can hear what i believe to be the rings of number 3 bouncing on the piston. i have had experience building small block gm engines and working some on two stroke outboards but no idea on the pwc side of things so any help/advice would be much appreciated, and thanks in advance.

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    I realize its been over a year since you posted this. How have you been progressing on your re-build.
    being a frustrated hot-rodder, SUV owner, Parent of a teen age girl and Kansas resident, I understand you frustration getting the re-build completed.

    To begin things....I would find the re-build procedure. And then start with the cylinder you know is bad. Pull the head on it and see how bad the cylinder is.
    My guess you will need a new cylinder or cylinders....or machine them and get new pistons and rings.
    However, there is probably metal in the crankshaft too.

    considering you have a new family, my guess is to try and do as little as possible cost wise.
    While you are at it, think about rebuilding the carbs.

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